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BOLD Shave

BOLD Eagle Shaving Head

BOLD Eagle Shaving Head

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Our blades are replaceable for optimal performance, hygiene and convenience. Made from premium Japanese steel, the shaving heads are designed to glide through stubble and move smoothly over the trickiest of angles. 

Achieve a faster shave with the "The Bold Eagle" blade head which offers 6 extra large shaving heads that flex around the shape of the head.

The Bold Eagle has the same cleaning mechanism as The Sphynx whilst offering a larger surface area for faster shaving. Shave mess free as all the hair is collected in the blade and each compartment can be opened for cleaning between each shave.

We recommend that you switch the blades every 3 months to ensure consistent results. Take the hassle out of ordering and save 40% with our blade subscription service. Fresh blades delivered to your order every 90 days - no contracts, cancel anytime.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 28 reviews
John Quinn

BOLD Eagle Shaving Head

Bald eagle

Would definitely recommend this shaver, the 6 disc cuts like a blade, been using this for 2 months now and will never go back to razors it is that good.
Use with or without the shave balm for a cracking shave every time

Great Blade

Improved design on Sphinx. The Bald Eagle's 5 outer heads lock into place when opened, making cleaning easier. And, unlike the Sphinx, the centre head is as large as the outer ones, easier to remove too. Shaving with blades wet is quicker and more effective I find.

Philip Lerwill

Gives a great cut in minutes would definitely recommend

Will D

Have been using another much more expensive shaver, but this is easily the best. Totally and thoroughly recommend.